Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just a quick update about nothing in particular.

I realized that I haven't updated for a few days so I figured I would post something so people know we are doing fine.  I think everyone is over whatever bug Aurora had last weekend (Rei was home sick for a day and a half, and Brie was also under the weather).  Eric and I have been fine.  Eric is enjoying his vacation such as it is, and has gotten lots done for school (finals week).  He is "graduating" with his AA the end of March, and is trying to decide if he wants to walk or not.  He is enrolled now in the BA program (still criminal justice, still at ITT tech) and begins classes for that in a couple of weeks.  His credits to date will all transfer forward to that program.

I am not terribly far ahead on my paper--family obligations and work schedules are interferring, but I will be fine.  I have a handle on things now and that helps immensely.  Today my "job" is to embroider the names of 18 students onto their duffle bags for the Winterguard drill team so that they are ready for drill practice tonight...  I really need to get going on it, although it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to do.  I will also focus on laundry since I will be right next to the laundry room as I work.  Might as well multitask as I let my machine do the hard stuff!  Today is the embroidery club meeting at Jackman's and I missed this morning's version of it; hopefully there will be a "younger crowd" (meaning closer to my age) at the evening meeting... 

I took Patrick over yesterday to retake his permit test in preparation for getting his license (his permit had lapsed).  Unfortunately we needed to have with us a "piece of mail addressed to him that had come through the postal service to verify his home address/residency".  We didn't have that with us.  Blech!  Now we need to make another trip next week to take care of this.  My goal is to have him licensed by summer (so that he can help with driving/drive himself to work etc.).  Aurora needs more time behind the wheel before she is eligible for her license, but we need to focus on that as well. 

We got the Pilot back from the dealership the end of last week and it is now all fixed.  The cost was not as bad as we were guesstimating, but it was bad enough.  Thank goodness for insurance.  We close on the house refinance on Friday afternoon, and got called with the final numbers yesterday.  They are not as low as one estimate we had been given (because that was without the escrow added in) but it will be saving us over $300 a month, so that is all to the good.  I am glad we are doing it, and that I will finally be on the house title (a fear of mine--that I would be "homeless") instead of the ex...  Speaking of ex's, mine called and said I should see a child support payment sometime this week. I have checked daily and so far there hasn't been one, but I also know these things can take up to a week or so to process.  Have my fingers crossed!

Almost noon.  I guess I need to get moving on my day--there is lots to accomplish!

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