Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday night...

It's a girl's night tonight.  Patrick is working 'til close, Eric is working 'til morning, and Rei is at winterguard practice (they have another competition tomorrow).  There is no youth bowling tomorrow morning (in some regards, I am relieved, because I need to continue on my paper), and I work tomorrow afternoon.  Anyhow, Aurora, Brie, and I sat and watched tv together on my bed for awhile, had dinner together, then did our own thing for a bit.

I am over my writer's block and things are coming together fairly well on my paper.  It is due Wednesday at 5 pm CST and I am on course to have it done and ready to go.  I am anxious, excited, and stoked to see how it all comes together grade-wise.  It has been a challenge beyond alot of things I have ever done.  I think it does a nice job of showcasing my education and personal experiences in a scholarly manner.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Eric is done with his term now, and he'll start his BA program (with all of his AA credits going towards it as he is staying at ITT tech) next week.  The kids have two weeks left in their term, then the spring quarter begins.  Brie is excited that Eric will be able to go with her to her next appointment (Tuesday) and he can hear the baby's heartbeat too.  That will be special for both of them.  I know how thrilled I was to be there with her last month.  She is barely starting to show now--has the tiniest of bellies.  She does need a few new things to wear but is refusing to get any maternity clothes at this point (I suggested some might be beneficial if she has job interviews/employment).  She plans to get a bunch of guy's basketball style shorts and just wear those.  We'll see. 

Rei just got home and he has another bag for me to embroider before their show tomorrow morning...  Then I need to go to bed!

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