Saturday, August 29, 2009

Doing better today,

although still not totally happy.  The dogs are still pushing my buttons.  Today after Eric went back to bed and I went downstairs to change a load of laundry I found the contents of the garbage can strewn from the pantry to the kennel in the laundry room, coffee grounds staining the linoleum, and in the kennel, Po with Rei's policeman puppet and misc. items of trash.  The puppet was missing an eye and the arm-motion dowel was chewed to pieces.  I was so angry and upset I cried!  The puppet was a gift from me to Reimond for Christmas 2007, and he always joked it looked like Eric.  In fact, Eric is what he named it, and it always made me smile when he used it--he does such a good job of it.  I admit, Rei isn't always very responsible about keeping it put away, but still, the dogs know better than to chew these things.  They don't chew other stuffed animals or pillows.  Leina tends to be the primary culprit of knocking the lid off of the garbage can and foraging, but once it's open it becomes fair game for all of them.  I don't remember when I have last been so upset and angry!

Then, this evening, Po took off.  Not necessarily his fault, because Patrick unhooked the lead from the post when mowing the lawn, then "forgot" to rehook it.  Aurora put Po out, and he took off upon realizing he was not attached to anything.  We got him back, he didn't go far.  But it was unnerving to look out the window and see him down the trail quite a ways.  He and Midnight have been having "pissing" contests, for lack of a better word, growling and snapping at each other aggressively.  It has actually been kinda scary a couple of times!  Not sure what that is all about but I don't like it.  Midnight is getting so old; he seems like he is selectively deaf these days, and although he seems spry when he wants to be, he spends most of his time when he isn't fighting with Po sleeping near whereever Eric or I are. 

Aurora ran in her first cross county meet this morning and she ended up dropping out of her race at the 2 mile mark because her hip again started aching unbearably.  She had been doing fine with it up until Monday when she really pushed it and the pain resumed as bad as it had been this spring and she came home very upset.  She has been seeing a doctor about it, and it was thought to be related to "female issues," but it doesn't seem like that is actually what is causing it.  We have a recheck on her other issues in about 2.5 weeks and will double check this with him, then probably set up an appointment with her regular physician for followup with her too.  I sure understand Aurora's frustration, both with pain disrupting her desire to run and her body not cooperating with her desires.  We are staying on top of this as best we can.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day.  Aurora has to bowl her last 5 games for travel league tryouts, and of course the kids serve at church in the morning.  Rei has his homework done (he had to finish it before I would drive him to a friend's house), but I am not so sure about Patrick and Aurora's.  Eric is working yet tonight and tomorrow night, so I will be on taxi duty during the day. 

I think I should probably be looking at heading to bed myself--gotta be up shortly after Eric gets home in the morning.  Good night!

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