Friday, August 28, 2009

With apologies to Judith Viorst,

today is a no good, horrible, rotten, very bad day!  I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (so-to-speak) and was crabby from the get-go (thanks hormones, gloomy skies, and high humidity); the dogs piddled where they pleased (thanks kids for not putting them out as you got breakfast), Rosie and Midnight seemed bound and determined to trip me as I moved between the bedroom and the bathroom, and time just seemed to fluctuate depending on what I was trying to accomplish.  I got out of the house on time, but had to stop at the high school to drop off forgotten homework (and they now have a buzzer system to get in, so there was a wait there); took an alternative route to get to work and was then 5 minutes late, only to discover I DON"T WORK TODAY-- I was supposed to be there YESTERDAY!  Adding insult to injury, they were so busy yesterday that no one took the time to call me and check why I wasn't there (I would have gone in without a problem, just would have blown off that luncheon thingy) so that made me even a bigger messup in my co-workers eyes.  I know exactly what happened, and I think it stood in my favor that I showed up today, showing that it was indeed an honest mistake. 

Anyway, what happened was I called in the end of last week (Friday to be exact) to find out what my schedule was for this week.  The girl who answered the phone had me on hold for 2 cycles, then gave me my schedule: Wednesday and Friday, noon to 5.  I asked her if it was the correct schedule because I generally don't work afternoons (unless it is my choice and I am teaching), and she said "Whoops, you're right, you are on 8:30 to 1:30."  I asked again, "Wednesday and Friday?" and she said yeah, so I wrote that down in my planner (my "Brains"--if it isn't in there, it doesn't happen!).  Anyhow, I blogged about my day yesterday so you know how that went...  I think I would have had a better time working than I had at the luncheon, although I really did like the quilt/yarn shop.  I felt absolutely nauseous on the drive home because that is not something I have ever done.  I will admit, I didn't look at this week's schedule when I went in on Wednesday, because I figured "why, I already know it;" I did, however, check next weeks so I have it for planning purposes...  This was the first (and the last!) time I will call in to check my schedule for the week.  From here on out I will again make the drive over near the end of the week if I am not already on the schedule (for when the next weeks' schedule gets posted) to see with my own eyes what my hours will be.  I don't like having a black mark on my work record, nor do I want to face any disciplinary action; my guess is there will be something though.  So I made the 32 mile round trip to work today for nothing...

I have done one positive thing for myself today: I ordered and paid for the latest Mandala pattern by Martina Weber, "A Fairy Flower Garden".  It will be awhile before I will be able to start it--it is another huge piece, close to 23" square on 28 ct fabric, done up in cottons, silks, metallics, and beads...  Still, I am thrilled to have it and cannot wait to see it all saved to my computer (it is an online class/pattern--the pattern will be released as a whole, but then there is a yahoo group that will run for a year for support/cheering, and companionship).  That makes me smile.  I have one other of her patterns downloaded, the Hawaiian Mandala, that Eric wants to stitch up himself to commemorate his time in Hawaii.  It is another that is stunningly gorgeous.  As Eric pointed out to me just a bit ago, I have 2 major stitching projects to finish, a quilt to make, and lots of knitting planned for holiday gifts, so the start of anything new is a ways down the road.  It's okay, it'll give me time to save up for the silks especially!  (So glad for the bead shop in Fairview Heights--they will make it easy to get those sparklies when I am ready for them!)

Eric is playing some Everquest at the moment, and I need to get some laundry dealt with, then maybe I will join him.  Might as well, it has become a free day today!

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