Thursday, August 20, 2009

First day of school

Today was the first day of school and the kids all survived. They seem to like their classes, although Reimond says he'd prefer a different teacher for first hour, and I have signed most of the paperwork that needed parental signatures for them. I wish I could say I took pics this morning, but I didn't. My battery is dead on my camera and I need to charge it.

I got the cutest pictures from Liisa yesterday of her puppies after they had played in the backyard at my old house. They were mottled with mud and you could see some of the lakes that were there left from the downpours they had. The photos made me laugh, as did her captions under them, such as "Puddles? What puddles?" Glad it was there and not here. Cliff was saying we had some fairly decent storms in the night that he was awake and watching but I was so exhausted I slept through all of them. In fact, I was telling Eric on the phone a little bit ago that I slept really soundly last night, even slept in some with him this morning (I went back to bed after the kids left for school) and yet I am oh so ready for a nap right now! Man! I must be getting old! I am not bouncing back from pulling an "all-nighter" the way I used to. It was worth it though. Eric got really good grades on his final projects for his Wednesday class, and I hope that translates into a good final grade as he is on the fence over how he did on the final. At this point the goal is passing, although decent grades would be wonderful.

I have been talking to Tony and Andrea the past few days and Alexis is going to be having some minor surgery sometime in the next month on her kidney. She is not outgrowing the kidney reflux she has and they think she is finally big enough to try and do a correction on it. I am thinking I will go up to Minneapolis for a few days when they do it so that they have a little extra help, but am waiting to hear what the time table will be on it. Tony is home right now after spending 2 weeks training in Des Moines with the Army Reserve, and he will be headed out again shortly for more training in Wisconsin for another couple of weeks, so they are trying to work around when he will be home. He has two trips to go, then will be promoted in rank, which is very exciting. He graduated from his last class with highest honors and scores of 100%. I told him it thrills me to see him finally using his brains and getting the grades he deserves; he said "it's easy when you are studying things you like!" Isn't that the truth!

We haven't heard much from Brie this week, but she last posted on facebook that she is doing fine albeit missing home. I have to get another card in the mail to her... I have had the best of intentions, but have been really busy this week! I need to still call and check on my hours at work for next week--haven't done that yet--but I hope once Eric is done with these classes we can take some time out for us. It's been crazy these last couple of weeks between his finals, getting kids ready for back to school, and my working and teaching. I am ready to find whatever will be passing for normal to start happening soon.

I got an email from the base Arts and Crafts show organizers reminding me to start thinking about what I would like to submit for the upcoming show in October. I have a couple of things near completion that I may show--my shawl, maybe my sweater, and a cross stitched and beaded piece I have almost finished. I need to think on this a bit more before I decide for sure. I do think I will participate again--it was fun, and it was so neat to have Eric show up that evening and surprise me. It's something to look forward to!

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