Monday, August 31, 2009

Last day of August!

Where oh where did the summer go?  I admit I am loving the cooler weather we have had these last few days, but it seems like the time just flew and much of what I had planned to accomplish once again went out the window.  I have projects not finished that I had hoped to complete, some household changes I wanted to make that remain undone, things I wanted to adjust or remake or do differently.  It's been a good summer: we got lots of use from the pool pass and I was so glad we had it.  We spent lots of time as a family and we had a wonderful trip to MN that I am so glad we could make.  We had family come down to us, and we were able to entertain, so I am grateful for that as well.  It just all went so very fast.

I got up this morning to check the time and found I had three missed calls from the school, and a message from the principal.  Reimond took his pill with him to school, intending to take it in front of the nurse (to follow rules), only they couldn't find his paperwork authorizing his meds!  Could I please come in so he could take it, oh and could I bring the forms with me?  He brought them in and left them with the nurse last Monday, only "they don't have it," thus he must not have brought it.  I KNOW he brought it because I gave it to him to take, and when he got home I asked if he turned it in.  He even knows who he gave it to, although when they called her this morning to check she denied having anything from him.  They have a new part time nurse this year and already I don't like her (both nurses from last year were wonderful and I really appreciated them; only one is still there, but not today).  Now I have to make a trip out to the clinic to get these papers re-signed and dropped off again.  I am sooooo pissed!  I even went through his backpack and locker with him this morning to be sure he hadn't somehow forgotten it, and I checked the house before I left to be sure I wasn't hallucinating that I had sent it.  I so wanted him to fly under the radar this year, so I tried to be on top of things...  This just irritates me.  I just had a thought--the envelope they were in was addressed to Reina M.; I wonder if they filed it under M....  and not S.....  for Rei's last name.  I will ask next time I am there.

This is starting out to be a continuation of last week's difficulties, only it's going to be magnified because I am working so much this week (Working 4 and teaching 2, with one overlapping shift on Saturday).  The money will be awesome, but I am having some issues hormonally that will add to the challenges (as well as my moodiness--I am in turn depressed, angry, easily irritated, easily tearful, and wanting to be left alone--not good things working in a people-centered industry!).  Bah!  The kids did help with getting the dogs out this morning, and the boys did a nice job of cleaning the floors for me yesterday while I was gone with Aurora.  She bowled ok for her 5 games, better than last week anyhow: 201, 215, 135, 165, 163.  The middle game she couldn't catch a break if it sat next to her!  She doesn't think she made the team, especially since they are limiting HS bowlers (because of IL laws and the overlap of seasons), but it was a good experience for her.  Patrick decided on Friday that he would like to bowl on the youth league after all, so I got him registered for that as well yesterday.  Their season starts on the 12th.  One more Saturday morning of freedom!

I talked to family members this weekend about their experiences at the state fair, which is a really big deal in MN.  (I hope to exhibit some finished quilts there eventually when I have them done).  Joel showed his horses over the weekend and took a first and 2-seconds, and a best of show with his brand new little male.  He was quite pleased!  I was thrilled to hear that.  I know Aurora would have loved being in the barns with him (we tend to congregate there with Joel and the horses when he shows them).  Maybe next year.  The fair runs through Labor Day every year but there is absolutely no way we could get up there this year for it.  In fact, for the first year in a long time, family didn't go en masse to the fair, but rather went as "pockets," because everyone's schedules were so crazy! 

This comingThursday (9/3) would have been my 26th wedding anniversary to Jim, had we stayed together.  That seems hard to believe. Where have the years gone?  I am so glad that Jim and I are friends and can talk to each other about things, but I am so much happier in my marriage and relationship with Eric.  It is like comparing Apples and Grapefruits--it isn't fair to try and compare them as each are what they are, but I do have many good memories of my years with Jim, along with the harder ones too, and I have no regrets.  I can say though, my life is completely different from the one I imagined having when I married the first time at 21 years old...  Wow.

We have a new pastor at church and she is a lovely person, who preached an amazing sermon on Sunday.  I am going to try to be more faithful in my attendance now that the summer is over, and maybe even go by myself if need be, just to see how this works out.  She is newly graduated from Seminary, and she has a nice way of putting things together.  So we will see. She seemed to be well-received by the congregation, although I still really like Pastor Jan and appreciate her so very much.

Eric is sleeping so I think I will run and do a few errands.  I need to return something to the BX, I need to run by Pet Smart (forgot to do that the other day when I had Patrick and Aurora at the bookstore, then out for ice cream), and I want to stop at Kohls--got some bonus bucks to spend and I need a couple of things for me.  Might as well do this while Eric is resting!  Then he and I are off together the rest of today/tonight, so maybe we can sneak in a "date".  TTFN! (Tata for now, lol--Tigger)

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