Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to normal, whatever that is...

I am on round three of a probable sinus infection.  I started feeling punk on Saturday night, and it isn't getting better.  My voice was mostly gone for a few days, although it is coming back (still raspy as all get-out) and the sinus headache started this morning, probably in conjunction with the grey skies and threats of rain.  I am so tired of feeling crummy though.  I am trying to ride it out a little bit because if it's viral it needs to run it's course, and if it's not, I will know soon enough.  I'm just not getting good rest at night and even with an afternoon nap, I feel almost hung over.  Enough of that subject!

I spoke to my instructor/advisor on the phone the other day about my research paper and she is excited that I already have a workable topic.  Now to start actually pulling the materials and narrowing down the scope.  Essentially what I am writing is a research proposal on a subject of my choice, to demonstrate my knowledge of all facets of my education.  I will be pulling stuff starting today, because I am home alone and have my bedroom (and my computer!) to myself for the day.  Today is the last day of finals for the semester for the kids, and hopefully they have all done well.  They now will have a three day weekend off. 

Brianne saw the general practitioner yesterday and got a prescription for prenatal vitamins.  She also requested a referal to an OB/GYN and they should be calling her with that info in the next day or so.  She had another go-round with the baby's daddy yesterday afternoon, where he is no longer claiming any sort of paternity, and he is also refusing to help with any of her bills (e.g. co-pays) until after a paternity test is done.  He talked to Eric on the phone and was quite rude to him; Eric then spoke to his platoon sargent and explained where we are coming from in the info we want from the father (so that we can keep him informed of things, esp. in light of his pending deployment in July), and the platton sgt. was equally unforthcoming or understanding.  We (Eric and I) get D's fear of claiming paternity: he doesn't really know Brie from Adam, or what kind of a person she is/what her behaviors are, etc. and he is well within his right to question things.  In his place, we would too.  But by the same token, he knows what he did as well, and what part he plays in all of this, and while to her mind it is the gospel truth that he's the father, he has to know there is a strong possibility that he is from HIS behaviors...  She was sad and hurt and angry yesterday as she left to go up to Peoria for the day/evening (she is attending a concert with a friend, so she drove up last night, will go to the concert tonight, and drive back afterwards--she has drill all weekend). I am a bit frustrated with that; I filled up her gas tank for her (she is totally broke now) so that she could get to SWIC to get registered for school (she didn't yet--needs to complete her FAFSA for financial aid), apply for jobs at some of the local hotels, and get back and forth to drill...  I did NOT fill it up so she could drive to Peoria, which is what she is doing.  Grrrrrr!

I am equally frustrated because I have not gotten any child support in 2 months now, since Jim's unemployment ran out.  He supposedly has turned in all his current info to the county, and I should start seeing payments again any time, but when I have tried to confirm this with the county I didn't get a call back from my first two messages, and then when I did, I was napping yesterday and didn't get to my phone fast enough.  Now I have a different number to call, and I will need to do that on Monday.  It's sad to say it, but I just cannot trust everything Jim tells me, because he isn't known for his honesty any more.  But if I don't see some money soon, I am gonna need to turn off Rei and my cell phone service, because that is an expense that we (Eric and I) cannot take out of the budget.  I need to be paying my own way on a few things, and if I can't, then I need to make some hard choices.  It's just irritating that Rei and I need to bear the brunt of Jim's irresponsibility. 

Gosh I am crabby today!  Between hormones, not feeling well, and being frustrated, I guess it is good that I am totally home alone and can't really talk to anyone (because of the laryngitis--it hurts to talk!)  Maybe a few hours spent in contemplation and prayer and doing some research will refresh my state of mind so I am better to be around by the time the kids get home from school.  Wish me luck!

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