Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK monday...

No school today, so the kids are all out and about doing various things.  Hanging with friends, playing video games, watching movies...  I spent my morning finishing up reading the latest Stephen King novel: "Under the Dome."  It was a very good read.  Fast-paced, interesting, with his standard levels of descriptive gore (which I tend to glide over--nothing I really want to read in detail); overall though, a very good, very interesting story.  Essentially the plot revolves around a small Maine town that a dome suddenly appears around and over, and what happens to the inhabitants inside of it as they figure out what went on and how to deal with it.  I really liked it.  I am thinking a lot of his most recent works out have been fairly good.  Despite what some have said about the ending of a few (the Dark Towers, Cell), I have found his endings to be true to the story and the internal logic of the story and have found them to be satisfying (probably doesn't make much sense unless you have read them yourself), and I really liked "Duma Key" alot (perhaps because of the MN connection in it).  I have now passed the book on to Aurora to read next, and then it's up for grabs amongst Eric and the rest of the kids.

After that I went to my doctor's appointment, which was at 1 pm.  I was a "work-in" appt. so I didn't get seen til closer to 2, but she said my sinus infection was either new or back (from the one I had a month ago), but regardless, things looked bad, so I am on new meds.  I stopped by The Bead Place and checked out some of the new yarn lines they are carrying, and was very inspired.  Then I ran to Barnes and Noble's for Rei's book he wanted (bought with Christmas money) and I picked up a few magazines; then it was over to Walmart, as the base pharmacy was closed for the holiday.  What is it with me and pharmacies?  I waited for about 90 mins, hearing them call numbers after mine, but never mine, so I finally went up to the counter, to be told, "Oh, Ma'am, there is a small problem. Have you ever had this med before?" (yes) "No allergic reactions?" (no); "Okay, we'll get it filled if you just hang on; oh, but the other med is on order and won't be here til after 3 tomorrow afternoon for you..." (okay, thanks much).  They couldn't have called me to the window sooner to check this out with me???  It was almost 4:30 by the time I got out of there, and I was tired, hungry, and frustrated.  Oh well, I am home now, had a snack, and am going to make some tea before I start dinner for the kids.

Eric is at school. Today is his long day.  I have assignments to do too, which I need to get cracking on (hadn't planned to spend the day hurrying to wait...) but I am not too worried about it.  I will get them posted before midnight.  I have 14 research articles pulled and need to rummage through some boxes for a couple of text books I need from my "stash" of books (one on research methods, the other containing a solid description of DSM IV categories and descriptions).  I am going to be writing on Reactive Attachment Disorder, and need to narrow it down a bit into some sort of research project proposal for my paper; I would like to link it somehow with my old questions about attachment issues and problems in kids who go to daycare settings full time.  I have some general thoughts, but they are still pretty diffuse and I am still in the literature gathering stage.  It is very interesting to me though, and there is a lot of relevent material out there.

Anyhow, that is the update for today.  Hopefully I will start feeling better in the next few days and can be more "bubbly and effusive".  Today I am just not feeling it!

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Deb said...

It's too bad that Jim is being a butthead. I hope that he comes through. I am glad you are starting to feel better. I am really proud of you with school. Good job girl!