Sunday, January 31, 2010

A sunshiny Sunday!

It's so nice to see the sun again.  It has been a fairly gloomy month around here with rain, fog, and the occasional snow fall.  Despite it being 10:30 or so, I only hear one youngster moving around, and it's a quiet morning.  Eric is at work, a short day for a change, I am still in my nightgown (drinking coffee and checking emails, school postings, and my social networking page), and I am glad to say I am relatively headache free--at least for the moment.  I had a migraine that started on Friday morning and continued through much of yesterday.  My mom suggested it's stress related and she is probably right (moms generally are, heeheehee), but regardless, it sucked, especially since I work all weekend. 

The tree is denuded of ornaments, the boxes are all piled up in the living room, and all that is left is for Eric to take care of the lights and the tree itself (he's picky, or I'd have done it myself already).  Hopefully in the next day or two the living room will be christmas free...  The kids made promises to help with some chores yesterday while I was at work, and (what a shock!) I came home after working an extra hour to find that NOTHING had been done!  I had also asked the girls to plan something for dinner so that Eric would have food when he got home (and I would eat left-overs), and again, NOPE! Eric ended up cooking...  Grrrrrrrr!  They aren't helpless.  They should be able to take on a few things to help out now and again.  I was frustrated though, and I HATE eating dinner at 9:30 pm cuz that is when it is done.  (Eric didn't get the message I was working an extra hour either, until he commented on how odd it was I wasn't home yet--he was waiting on starting dinner til I got home for input from me...)  Smack 'em all up side of the head!

Girls' sectionals are next Saturday at our home bowling alley on base, so there will be no youth bowling.  Despite that we will be there anyhow, cuz Aurora and the team are competing.  I just wonder where we are gonna seat everyone there--it's not that big a bowling alley!  She is excited though, as are we.  I got my sweatshirt I wanted for Christmas and will wear it proudly: on the front it says "Mascoutah Mom" and on the back it says "Soulak-Maze" so I am identified with my kids. 

I have lots to do today before I head to work, so I guess that is it for now.  Hopefully it's gonna be a productive week this week.  We have a lot to do between Eric, I, and the kids, to get ready for Liisa and the puppies!

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