Friday, January 1, 2010

First post of the new year!

Christmas at our house was a bit slow to start, given we couldn't hardly get everyone together at one time to get the decorating done!  Between the kid's social life and Patrick, Eric, and my work schedules, we didn't even get the tree decorated until just a couple of days before Christmas eve, but once it was done, it was gorgeous!

Eric had to work on Christmas eve, but I was blessed to be off, and we set up web cams between my computer and Liisa's laptop at my mom's, so we all got to be a part of the Christmas Eve celebrations at my mothers.  The little kids really liked being able to talk to us and get an instantaneous response, and we got to see everyone's expressions as they opened their gifts from us.  It wasn't as wonderful as being there in person, but it was a close second. 
Christmas day began with the kids being up when Eric got home from work.  Rei made coffee for us, and we gathered in the living room, bleary-eyed but excited too.  Rei passed out the gifts, then we opened them using a new tradition: we went from oldest to youngest, which meant starting with me!  I made a "snuggy" for Eric out of bowling.

It came out really nice and Eric has gotten good use out of it.  He gave me a lovely pair of diamond stud earrings, and I love them!  I feel so blessed with how the day went.  Eric went to bed shortly after the gifts were opened, as he had worked all night, and I made sugar cookies, as well as started our Christmas dinner: a traditional ham dinner that came out delicious!

I worked a number of days this past week, and our new years eve was equally quiet.  Aurora left on Saturday to go to her mom's for the week, and Reimond and Patrick were both invited to parties, so it was just Eric, Brie, and I at home.  We spent the evening watching a movie together (G.I. Joe) and then I went to be shortly after midnight (after multiple phone calls with my kids in MN and being sure Rei and Patrick had rides home).  I was up by 8 this morning, and have had a lovely, relaxing day.  I have read a novel, done some stuff on-line, and read up on my embroidery functions on my machine.  I have some patterns I am excited to try, and I am excited to do some sewing over the next couple of days. 

Brie has some things going on now in her life that are keeping her preoccupied.  Life is never dull for that child!  Patrick has picked up a number of hours at work, and he got a nice surprise yesterday when a girl he is friends with showed up to surprise him (she had been living at her Dad's in California).  Rei too has been spending lots of time at a young lady's house, and I have had to caution him that he is not to just "move in" over there.  She is a nice girl, and bowls on Saturday with the kids.  Suffice it to say the kids are busy and keep us hopping!

The weather is feeling down right wintery tonight: temps have dropped significantly, it is snowing, and it is very slippery outside.  I am glad to be in the house, where it is warm (relatively speaking--we keep the temps down around 68-69 to save energy).  I am going to work on some cross stitching tonight and just enjoy this first day of the new year.  I haven't really thought much about resolutions, but I plan to over the next few days.  The usual ones probably apply, but in general, my goals are to be as active and healthy as I can be, to finish school, and to enjoy my family.  That should be enough!

Anyhow, I just wanted to share some photos from our Christmas day here, and wish everyone a Blessed and Peaceful New Year!

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