Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's been one of those days...

Got up early to Midnight bopping his head and shoulders along my side of the bed when he heard the kids were all up, so I got up with him.  Tried to head back to sleep for a bit, with moderate success.  Eric had today off and lots of homework to do, so I putzed with some things and finished a sewing project: I made embroidered neck scarves for Liisa's puppies in holiday related fabrics and put their names on them...  Ten scarves total I sewed (hemmed on 4 sides, then embroidered, then folded in half and sewn to make a casing for their collars, per Liisa's request).  I got them and two other gifts mailed off this afternoon.

This afternoon we did a little running around. Eric and Patrick both needed haircuts (Rei does too but is not wanting to get one) for work/school respectively, and we grabbed McDonald's for dinner.  Now Eric and the kids are off to the bowling alley (except for Patrick; he decided to stay home with me) and I am not sure what I want to do with my time. I could start cutting out patterns, but it is really cold on the main floor, so I am leaning towards doing some counted cross stitch and watching tv. I have some books I could read, and I have lots of knitting on the needles to work on, so regardless, I will be busy. I am just grateful for some peace and quiet for a little while. 

Things have been crazy around here since the holidays.  Brianne found out she was pregnant (via a home pregnancy kit) on Christmas day, and we have all had a lot to think about with that.  The father of the baby is a young man she met online, chatted with for about a month or so, then drove to meet face to face.  They really have very little in common other than the military, and it is no surprise, but very sad to acknowledge, that he is being a flake now and backing way out of taking any sort of responsibility for his part of this situation.  I had counselled them not marrying right away anyhow, because they need time to figure out what their relationship was/could be, but now it appears he isn't going to even give that a chance.  Brie is quite obviously upset about all of this, but is handling it maturely.  She is looking for a job, and is planning to enroll in school for the spring semester (which starts in a couple of weeks). She will stay here at home with Eric and I, and we will try to help her as much as we can (providing physical and emotional support) but she understands that this is her responsibility and she is gonna need to grow up pretty quickly.  The family has been very supportive too, and she won't be alone through any of this.  We will love her and this baby, and we will be there for them both.  As my father always said, God brings a baby for his own reasons, in his own time. It is a gift, and we need to treasure it.  It is amazing how quickly life can change out of an impulsive decision...

Anyhow, that is the news from this neck of the wood so far, and I will keep everyone posted as things come up and/or change!

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