Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wow, another week has run right over me!

I have been intending to post off and on all week, but it has been just crazy busy for me around here!  I have been working numerous hours, have had lots of "little things" come up that have needed managing, and we have had illness here too--a viral something or other (to my knowledge, not necessarily the 'flu).  Eric's mom arrived on Thursday for a few days, and yesterday we went with her for an hour to go visit her 99 year old mother.  What a lovely and gracious lady she is!  I always feel so good spending time with her, and really wish we were not so spread as thin as we are for time that we could go visit her more frequently.

Aurora has had follow up appointments on her sore hip, and we now need to set her up for PT, a CT scan, and blood work.  They at this point really are not sure what is causing all her pain when she runs.  She did complete her race yesterday, which she was happy about, but is limping a bit today and favoring that left leg.  It was a crappy day for running: started storming at 2 am and then rained, a light soaking rain, for the better part of the morning and into the afternoon. 

I will be honest, I had sorta hoped it would be enough to slow down business at work, but no luck there.  We were swamped at the cutting table when I punched in, and we stayed massively busy until somewhere around after 7, when we finally were able to start putting things away and clean up a bit.  The sale runs through Monday and we have some amazing things available--I really need to do a little shopping myself, but am not sure when (or if) I will actually do it.  The things I want are more "wants" than "needs" so I am on the fence over it.  Especially when it comes to a few of the fabrics that have jumped out at me recently.  Although, when I go look in the closet, I have lots of clothes, but really, nothing to wear, if that makes any sense.  My weight is not cooperating with me and I feel like things don't fit right.  Not to mention I have a very limited "professional" wardrobe.  My years as a counselor left me with lots of jeans, button down shirts, tee-shirts, and sweatshirts (the wardrobe of convenience for being the the trenches with teens), but my church clothes/dressy clothes/working world clothes are very limited.  And in retail the uniform is casual slacks (khaki, black or navy blue) with a collared white shirt, no decoration on it, either button down or polo style.  I recently bought some patterns for some really nice dresses/skirts, but need some fabrics to make them up.  And time and a place to make them!

I am really thrilled to be working more hours--this week I have put in about 24 and next week I will put in almost 30.  But I don't like it that it is broken down over 5 or more days.  I really don't like working 11 out of 14 days.  It makes for lots of stress here at home on the stuff that needs to get done, because no one is generally around (or willing) to take up the slack.  Eric does do what he can, but sometimes he can be as bad as the kids (lol) and I get frustrated.  Although I can't necessarily get too angry--I too have turned procrastination into an art-form, and I too find plenty of ways to procrastinate doing everything but what is on the to-do-list...  My work schedule is either feast or famine, and I would really like to find a happy medium somewhere.

We were going to go to church this morning, but Liisa called and we chatted on the phone for a while (actually, I am so glad she woke me up!), then the morning just got away from us!  So Eric is downstairs making coffee cake for breakfast, I am sitting here in the bedroom drinking coffee, and we are having a quiet morning instead.  Patrick had a friend spend the night and they are playing video games, and Aurora is reading (not sure if it's homework or pleasure).  Rei is still feeling really crummy so he is in bed (so far he has been the sickest of those under-the-weather, but for him it is par for the course--he traditionally comes down with a cold/viral infection that aggrevates his asthma each fall near the beginning of the school year). 

Oh, just a quick grandbaby anecdote...  Liisa and Jesse took Justin and Alexis with them to the state fair on Thursday night.  The kids had a ball, and Liisa and Jesse enjoyed playing "parents" for the evening--although discovered it can be a lot of work!  Anyhow, the little ones loved the giant slide, and Justin has declared "mini donuts" to be his newest "really favorite food".  I agree with him 100%!  I really miss going to the fair. 

Brianne is graduating AIT on the 25th of Sept. and then will be home.  She is doing well and seems to be really liking it.  In a note she sent me she says she has mixed feelings about coming back home, which I don't doubt at all!  It's hard to go from being an independent adult to being a kid again, and she'll have to live under house rules...  I understand where she is coming from.  Haven't heard a word from my oldest son this training mission he is on (over in Wisconsin this time).  I am guessing he is doing fine or he would have called me.  Generally when I don't hear from him it means it's going ok, with very little extremes in any direction ("meh, nothing to talk about"). 

Eric is back on day shifts starting Monday, and he resumes classes on Tuesday for that fall term.  Looks like he only has this term and next term to complete, and he's slated to be done March 2010~  That will ROCK! (He will have an A.A. degree).  I am so proud of him for sticking with it!  I too really need to get on the phone and figure out what I need to do to complete mine.  I am tired of being in limbo! 

Well, I need more coffee and should go see what the rest of the family is up to...  Have a great rest of the holiday weekend!

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