Thursday, September 24, 2009

A few steps closer to finishing my degree:

I got all the financial aid stuff filled out today and submitted.  I am very excited about that.  I also got my text book ordered and it should be here early next week (just a bit over 2 weeks til I resume being a student)! Reimond's quilt I had made for him a while ago arrived via the US mail this morning and I am so glad to see it again (I made it to honor his black belt journey and it is something special--Liisa had it tucked away in the basement and sent it home with me, but I mailed it rather than trying to squeeze it into my suitcase).  I may enter it in the base craft fair, just because I can--just need to see how worn it may be looking.  If it looks too shabby, I will keep it here were it is treasured.

So everything is falling into place for school, and things are going ok here on the home front.  Patrick seems to be ok with his job, and Aurora is enjoying cross country; Reimond is just doing the school and social scene.  Brie will be here tomorrow night.  Wow, has this time gone by fast!

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