Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seems like I am riding on a yo-yo string!

I got up this morning, got ready for work, and headed out, only to find out on arrival that they had tried to call me and say they didn't need me!  Bummer--I was looking forward to working today, and I was dressed and ready to start!  Didn't feel like shopping in the store, as I will do that on Friday (they are offering employees 30% off of everything we are allowed the discount on for Friday and Saturday).  I have some fabrics to get for gifts, to finish off a few projects, and to make a few things for me (I am now starting to look towards my internship wardrobe--will need a well-fitting professional assortment of garments).  I know what I want, but can't get it 'til Friday.

I decided to just go home, so I headed towards my freeway entrance, only to see it blocked by emergency vehicles and rescue equipment.  My guess is there was some sort of bad accident, as they had the entire ramp closed off and were re-routing traffic... So then I decided to see if I could get a pedicure--I am in dire need of one. But they didn't open until 10, and my local yarn/bead shop also was closed until 10, and the mall looked closed as well, so I went to Barnes and Nobles for a bit (they have a new release in a series I had been following, but it's in hardcover only at the moment).  None of the magazines caught my fancy, and the books I'd like were too expensive, so I decided to head for home, having now wasted a half hour.  The entrance ramp was still closed (my guess is it had been so about 40-45 minutes, because I heard sirens as I passed it on my way in to work), so I went the back route to get onto the freeway at the next entrance east of my usual spot. 

So now I am home, and there are certainly things I can be doing--no lack there!  But I am enjoying sitting on my bed with my laptop, the windows wide open, and the cats lying next to me.  I think I will do this for a little while longer. Eric is working his regularly scheduled shift today (he had picked up Monday as an over time shift), and he works tomorrow as well.  Then he has the weekend off (and unless told otherwise, I work tomorrow morning, and Saturday afternoon, 1-6).  I do need to get the financial aid application done for me for school today, and I also need to double check the name and course number of the class I will be needing to take so I can order my textbook(s).  I am so excited to be finishing this degree program up!  I realized that I will be earning my MS 30 years after graduating from High School.  How odd is that?  But I will have it and that is that part that matters most to me.

I have other things I could ramble on about, but I think I will stop here, and get going on some chores.  Might as well use this gift of time off productively!

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