Monday, September 21, 2009

The surgery appears to have been a success!

The baby will be kept at the hospital overnight and I have Justin with me--we picked him up at preschool, Liisa and I.  He is a little dirtball at the moment after playing outside much of the afternoon.  I am gonna take him home for a bath and some dinner once Liisa gets back from a meeting with his car seat.  I fly home tomorrow evening and I have to admit, it is gonna be hard to leave, even though I really miss my husband and the kids.  It has been lovely to be here and I have really enjoyed my time with my big kids and the babies.  Liisa and I made one fleece tie blanket today, and will do the other one tomorrow morning probably. She also made 2 dog beds that turned out fantastic, only the corner of one has already been chewed and has a hole that needs to be mended.  I will post pics once I am home--have taken lots of them.  Just thought I would post an update!

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Doodledash said...

thanks. i appreciated the text. i am glad you got to be here for a while. love ya.