Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday musings...

I finally had a somewhat restful night last night, although I didn't fall asleep until after 1:30 am (and probably closer to 2).  Yesterday I had the migraine from hell--woke up with it, was out of my prescription meds, so had to deal with non-helping OTC meds, and it was so bad that the vision in my left eye was blurring slightly.  Being at the bowling alley for 3 hours with the kids didn't improve anything either, so by the time I got home I was miserable.  I finally took the "best" combination of OTC meds, caffeine, and a tension reducer and slept for awhile, so that it was at a dull roar by the time I went to work, but the caffeine in the coffee and the tension headache med served to not let me fall asleep easily, and it was of course, returning with a vengence as the night wore on. I ended up reading (and finishing) a book I had by my bedside before finally being able to sleep.  Of course, I was then up and talking to Eric at 4 as he got ready for work, but then I slept in til 10, when the dogs started barking to go out, and Aurora's cat was mewling to get to Batman (she is in heat, and bless her heart, our non-intact male is the best she can find...)  Today it is still there as a nagging ache, still on the left side, and behind my eye, but is no where near as bad as it got yesterday.

Anyhow, the plan for today is to finish as much laundry as I can before heading back to work for 3, and maybe spending some dedicated time knitting while the washer/dryer is going.  I have my second sock almost done, and the scarf I have been focusing on is over half done.  Then I have all those brand new delicious yarns my honey bought me from Knitorious to make Christmas gifts out of...  I am also eager to get started on that gift quilt, despite not having that last border done for MY quilt...  And I have some garments I would like to make.  Eric made a start on shampooing the living room carpet yet again and that needs to be finished (if not today, I can devote myself to it tomorrow when I am off) and then I would really like to start organizing my sewing area so I have a dedicated space set up that does NOT need to be taken up and down.  My goal for the week is to do that so that by the weekend I can really start using my space in a positive manner (the carpets in there need some spot shampooing as well--Damn dogs anyways!).

My friend Deb sent me a phone number of a student advocate service here in SW IL that I want to call on Monday about the situation(s) with the high school, and that, along with dealing with the med situation is on the agenda as well.  So, some running around to do, some cleaning and organizing to do...  And I work Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday next week...  My life has gone from too quiet to too busy in a months' time. I am just glad to have a couple of days off in a row--makes getting things done so much easier!

Aurora did well in her race on Saturday; her overall time was down by a minute (she was a minute faster than last week's race).  Patrick did well bowling, using Eric's balls (Rei's and Patrick's balls are being re-drilled to accommodate their growth spurts over the summer and were not ready for the start of Youth League).  Patrick had an 808 series, giving him a 202 average.  Not too shabby at all!  Rei didn't fare as well (he was using his 11 lb. ball) with an approximate 360 series, so a 120 average; he was disappointed a bit, despite having one awesome game with a score of 152. 

Patrick and Aurora have a very full weekend next weekend: both are playing/marching at the home football game Friday night, and are in a parade on Sunday, and Aurora has a race Saturday.  Patrick *may* be helping at the air show some on base as a part of ROTC, and he still doesn't have his work schedule for training (or his "McDonald's Costume" to quote Justin), but I am sure that will be on the docket too...  Their mom wanted to take them to IN for the weekend for her brother's wedding, and while it is an important family event, the kids have to also consider their grades and how they are attached to participation in these assigned school activities.  I *think* the plan is that they will be staying home because of these activities (initially we had been told their attending the wedding was optional), but who knows... 

The kids chose to not go to their Mom's for Labor Day weekend last weekend because of school related activities (and the fact that we could NOT pick them up from her on Labor Day because of work schedules).  I know she is (justifiably) upset about that, but when kids are in their teens and have obligations, these things cannot be helped.  My ex and I had to deal with that when our older kids were teens as well, and the biggest factor in managing it was communication between us, although it did help we were in the same city.  For whatever reason, Jim has been very flexible about seeing Rei , and while he knows he is welcome to come down at any time, I also make sure he knows when we/Rei are in town so that he can spend as much time with him as he wants to.  In that regard I am so grateful that we have maintained a "friends" relationship, although it took time to get to that point. I suppose it helps that we have been friends since we were 11 years old and grew up together in so many ways.

It's noon, and I have to leave by 2:30, so I guess I should start focusing on chores instead of just rambling here.  Hope everyone has a great last week of "summer"!

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