Friday, September 11, 2009

It just keeps getting better and better (sarcasm)...

I was in a really crabby mood earlier, but after talking to my friend Debbie on the phone, and then my daughter Liisa, I am doing better.  I am just really frustrated with the IL state laws concerning refilling controlled medications.  First of all, the clinic will not mail you the prescription (despite it being for refills, you need a new script each time); then, you only have 7 days to fill it.  I didn't realize this, and after picking up the prescription on the 2nd, I was not able to get over to the pharmacy until today, where I waited 20 minutes just to be told, "Sorry, it's out of date and we cannot fill it."  Called the clinic and told them I need a new Script, and they said, ok, but "sorry, the doc has left for the day (at 1 p.m.), and it can't be filled out til Monday..."  So that means on Monday I will make another drive to the clinic, making it my 4th one this month (between appointments, getting things re-signed for the school, and picking up scripts)...  It's a 25-30 min. drive each way, and costs in time and gas money!  (Oh, and you need to show ID that gets photocopied, and sign for the script when you pick up just the piece of paper... BAH!).  Then it's back to the pharmacy on base, where I will wait a variety of time to first drop it off, then get it filled.  I generally take my knitting with me because it is rarely a quick process...  I just wonder how the elderly or the infirm handle getting things taken care of it they are not able to jump through all the hoops that are put in the way of getting meds in a timely manner?

I am also still steamed about Reimond being home today on out of school suspension.  I understand he is no saint, and I understand there are rules and consequences, but I also honestly believe there has to be a better/more effective way to deal with things.  Perhaps I am being an over-protective parent, but still, if I don't advocate and stand up for my kid, who will?  I have been looking into resources today as to what rights and responsibilities there are for both the school and for us.  I will be keeping you updated as I learn more.

Liisa made me smile because she had a wonderful time at her very first professional conference.  She won a door prize today in a drawing, an I-pod touch, and she also won a "flip-video camera" for her and her team (not sure if they all won one or not) taking first place in a competition they were in to make a video.  She and her team also won first place bagging food for charity.  She is bouncing on air, and I am very proud of her!  I wonder what she is gonna do with her zune now???!!!!  I also talked to my mom earlier today and she made me smile as well.  My mom is such a wonderful person!

I bit the bullet and went grocery shopping today for the family.  We once again have food in the house, including a few treats...  I am making enchiladas for dinner and my husband is thrilled--in his opinion he has never had them "fresh"--always as left-overs.  Tonight will be a first for him.  I also bought some inserts for my shoes that I wear for working to see if they will help with my foot pain from standing/walking non-stop for 5 hours or more.  I work all weekend so it'll be a good trial run.

Also in my errands today I went to the quilt shop here in Mascoutah and bought some charm squares for the quilt I am making.  I am so excited by the variety of colors they have in them and I think they will be perfect for what I want them for.  I am ready to get started on this quilt.  Now I just need to prioritize the projects I want to make so that I can complete them in a timely manner.  Some I want to do so I have entries at the arts and crafts show on base, which I was so excited to participate in last year, and some I just want for gifts for Christmas.  My dedicated knitting time at the bowling alley really helps out there. 

Anyhow, what was going to start out as a sarcastic and bitter post has been significantly improved by some conversations with family and friends, and for that I am grateful. 

As an aside, today is a day for memories, for myself as for other people.  I hope everyone takes a few moments to reflect on the good things we have in life, and not just on the tragedies that were associated with today's date.  Some of my memories relate to 8 years ago, while others relate to 15 years ago.  Regardless, I give thanks for the strength that was provided in my times of trials and need, and continue to trust that God has blessings in store that have come out of those heartaches that occurred.  My life irrevokably changed on this date in many ways, and while I grieve some of those losses, I am also thankful for how things turned out.  Those who have walked with me all these many years understand where I am coming from, and those who are confused, just know that I am in many ways a better person for having had those experiences, as hard as they were at the time. 'Nuff said on this subject...

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