Sunday, September 20, 2009

Minneapolis, home sweet home!

I got in safely yesterday afternoon around 1 p.m., after two relatively non-eventful flights.  I found it ironic on some level that I had to take a train into St. Louis, to fly back to IL (Chicago), before flying to Minneapolis, but oh well, at least it wasn't Phoenix or something really strange!  I HATE O'Hare airport!  I landed at the end of aisle K in terminal 3 and my connecting flight was at the end of aisle E in terminal 2--took me forever to find it, and I am soooo glad we landed about 15 minutes ahead of schedule there!  Then, I ended up walking from gate 11, once I found it, back to the hub, by gate 1, so I could get a sandwich (McDonalds) and a drink before my next leg of my journey.  My feet were really achy by the time I landed!  Then in Minneapolis, I was near the middle of one of their longer terminal spurs, so I had a fairly lengthy walk to baggage claim to meet Jesse... 

Once here, Jesse brought me to the house, where I met up with Liisa and Amber, who kidnapped me and took me to the mall of America.  I am soooo excited!  I finally got to see the American Girl Doll store, and what a magical place that is!  I could so happily work in there!  One of the neatest areas was the doll hair salon, where they have doll sized salon chairs and workers fix your doll's hair into various styles.  They put capes on them and everything!  I was quite impressed, and Liisa (of course) and Amber, as well as I have our own dolls, so it was a "bonding experience" (No, we did NOT have our dolls with us there).  I am thinking my littlest girl is almost ready for her first "Bitty Baby" and I was looking them over very carefully.  But I would want to give it to her in person, and I cannot afford to do that right now.  She loves her babies though and I think she would really love it.  After the mall, we ran over to Joann's and I was distressed by how poorly it compares to mine.  Ours is so beautiful and this one seemed so unkempt and I have always thought it was poorly laid out.  Their fabric area is minimal, and is spread out into odd areas of the store.  I "saved" Liisa some money--she wants 2 fleece blankets and 2 dog beds, and we got her some cheap fabric scissors and some thread and machine needles for her sewing machine (Naughtly me, I took all MY stuff when I moved).  From there we popped across the street to Target, where we laughed at all the dog costumes they had, and then we met Jesse at Don Pablo's for dinner. 

We scooted back to Liisa's around 7:30 ish, dropped off the purchases, and headed to Tony's, where Justin threw himself at my knees and hung on for dear life.  Alexis followed suit, and I sat with them on the love seat, the recipient of many hugs, kisses, and cuddles.  Justin told Jesse quite seriously that he "needed me to stay" when we got ready to leave around 9:30 (Liisa had to get home to get ready for work), and I promised the kids I would be back today and stay by them.  I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow I think, and while I woke at my normal 6 a.m. (thanks Mascoutah school district!), I dozed back off until I smelled sausage frying this morning.  Jesse made me french toast and butcher shop sausage links, and Tony made me coffee, so I am a full, happy girl right now.  Liis is sleeping on the couch after working overnight (and being up over  24 hours), the puppies are in the kitchen finishing their breakfast, and I am sitting on my bed getting my thoughts in order before heading back to Tony's.  Tony suggested I steal his car with the car seats in it already and just take the kids and do as I please; I may do that.  Or maybe I will just hang out there til Liis gets up, and then we will steal the kids and go to my mom's.  That too is on the agenda for today.

There may be a catch in Alexis'surgery for Monday as she is not feeling well; she had a fever on friday and when I saw her last night she had the sniffles and her eyes looked like she wasn't feeling well.  I hope this doesn't get delayed from the standpoint that I cannot afford to make another emergency trip up here.  But I also want what is best for her.  We are playing it by ear.  I'm sure the doctor will make a decision Monday morning before she goes in.  I am just so happy to be here by my kids.  It is comforting, and familiar, and it is doing my heart good to be here.  I really needed this trip on some level myself!  As much as I miss not having Eric and Rei and the rest of the kids here too, in some ways it is nice being here on my own--I am able to be at my own disposal to do as I please, to operate at the whims of the other kids, and not worry about who needs/wants to go where or do what.  It's just nice.  I sorta don't wanna go home on Tuesday--would love to be here longer!  But I know that isn't realistic either.

Ok, downstairs to check on what the dogbabies are into as I am hearing paper rattling and pans....

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