Monday, September 28, 2009

I have survived!

I worked all weekend long, sick as a dog, and I have very little voice left, but I have survived!  Each evening after work I have come home and collapsed into bed, and overall I am starting to feel some better, but I still am far from 100% and I am looking forward to the next few days off to recouperate and get myself healthy again.  My poor nose gives Rudolf a run for his money, and my voice either scares or entertains small children...  and I have emptied at least one full sized box of kleenex and a bottle of hand sanitizer at work... We have been crazy busy and I am grateful for the hours.  I just hope things can mellow out now and I can get back on my feet.

My textbook arrived in the mail today, my FAFSA is being processed (financial aid stuff), and I have (finally!) the correct name now on all my program stuff for school.  The 5th is coming up and I can hardly wait!  I am so very excited to be moving forward again!

Eric has done a wonderful job of cleaning up the house for me today, and taking care of the slack while I have been sick.  I am so grateful for him--he is a wonderful man!  Even as I type this he is making me a tuna fish sandwich and some tea.  After being on my feet for 5 hours and talking to "guests" all morning, I am wiped out and in need of some down time.  He is so good to me!

Kids all got their midterms, and generally speaking they were decent.  Rei needs to work a bit harder at a couple of subjects, and Aurora was not happy she had some B's in there, but generally the grades were ok, and we are pleased. 

Lunch is ready!  So I am off to eat.

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