Friday, September 11, 2009

So tired but I can't sleep.

For many reasons, my brain just won't shut down tonight.  It has been a good week, it has been a full week, and I am content over all, but my brain just won't quiet itself tonight. 

Reimond got in trouble at school today.  He didn't take his med before school, and they don't have them at the school as yet (remember, they lost his paperwork, I had to get it redone, and I have worked every school morning since then, so I have not gotten the paperwork dropped or meds dropped off as yet).  They tried calling me about it, but I cannot carry my phone at work, and Eric was in class, so they sent Rei to the ISS room until they could get a response from one of us.  Rei had some authority issues with the ISS room teacher, a mixed bag if I read between the lines of him being defiant of stated expectations because they were, in his opinion, "stupid," and, of the ISS teacher being hyper-critical initially, then being down right disrespectful too (stating I was a bad parent because I didn't bring him up better, which pushed him over the top, claiming to the Asst. Principal that he "Threw a pen across the room and stormed out," which was both an exaggeration AND provoked in some regards, and making sure, during a fire drill, that everyone knew he was in ISS and to leave him be unless they wanted to join him in ISS).  Was he in the wrong for most of it? Absolutely.  But was the teacher in the wrong too?  I believe so.  She made things worse rather than better.  And she apparently has no understanding of the needs of an ADHD kid who is becoming more and more agitated by the situation...  Long story short, Rei spent time in the principal's office/hallway until I got off work and could meet with him and the Asst. Principal, and then he came home with an out of school suspension for tomorrow.  I am PISSED.  He missed most of his class time today because they kept him out of the classroom, then then take him out tomorrow too?  How is he supposed to learn?  And he was told he was being "written up" for not having taken his meds.  The Asst. Principal was hyper-focused on why we didn't have the med situation already dealt with as of the first day of school (Um, lets see, you LOST his signed forms?) and could I drop them off tomorrow, even though he cannot be at school... 

I am so frustrated with how they choose to deal with Rei, and I am frustrated too with Rei that he acts without thinking.  It becomes such a viscious cycle.  When she asked me if I had any questions I said, no, but that I was very dissatisfied with how they deal with him, and that I feel the way they have their disciplinary consequences set up is ridiculous.  What do they do with serious offenses?  Rei didn't throw a pen at the teacher, or even across the room; he was tossing it in his hand in front of himself before ANYTHING started, and it rolled off his fingers and onto the floor, just after he was asked to stop tossing it.  And when this all started he was quietly reading his book at a desk, then was handed "busywork" that was taken out of his binder, without his being asked, and told to correct a test he had passed.  He, of course, questioned why he needed to do that, challenging the teacher, and the rest ensued.  I made a point of telling him he needs to do as he's told and not argue, and he needs to learn that, but I still think the teacher was out of line for slamming me (even if she does deny it--Rei does a lot of things, but he doesn't lie), and I am getting really tired of "them" publically making him feel like a pariah over his meds or his being in ISS--which he was in because he ASKED to go to the nurse's office, then call me.  Yes, his attitude eventually stunk badly, and yes, he needs consequences (and he is grounded tomorrow, no fun day cuz he's home from school), but I think they went a little overboard.  I never did see the written referal. My guess is they will mail it to me, certified.

I think I am going to call Pacer of IL tomorrow and find out what Rei's rights are at school, and also find out what options we have available for him.  I don't want another hell year for him.  It is just eating at my heart right now. 

On a positive front, I got some yarn today to make another shawl, as a Christmas gift for someone, and I got some material for the background of an applique quilt I need to start.  Eric and I had a nice outing with his Mom after I got off work and he got home from school; now he works all weekend, and I work Saturday and Sunday.  My sock knitting class got cancelled so I have the next two Fridays open again from that.  I am also going to see if I can talk to my grad school advisor and see where I am sitting with regards to finishing up my degree program.  It's time.  If I cannot do it through them (because of the time that has passed), then I will move to plan B and look at the grad programs over in St. Louis.  I really need to do something positive for me.

Patrick got hired at McDonalds, and he goes in Friday for paperwork and to get his initial schedule.  Aurora has one doctor's appointment next friday for a follow-up ultrasound, and then we need to get her other appointments scheduled.  She is also ordering her class ring tomorrow and is very excited about it.  Brie has 2 weeks left at AIT, and we are glad she is doing well.  Liisa is at her first official functions as an AGM and she is doing very well there--won first place with her team in 2 events they held, making her manager and former manager very proud (and me too).  Tony I haven't heard from in almost 2 weeks now, so I will call Andrea tomorrow and see what is up there.  She and the little ones are doing fine.  I spoke with them a few days ago.

My sister and her husband celebrated 20 years of marriage on the 9th.  I am so very happy for them.  What a fabulous accomplishment!  And they are still so happy together.  I am thrilled for them.  My good friend and her husband had their 31st anniversary as well, and I am thrilled for them too!  In this day and age it is so reassuring to see that true love does last, and it gives me hope that perhaps this time I have gotten it right.  One year, one month and counting!  (lol). 

I think I am ready to try and sleep.  I still have many things running through my head, but none of them belong here in the public realm.  It's time to place them in God's keeping and take them back up tomorrow, where hopefully I will be refreshed and better able to start reviewing them again. Sometimes I really envy Eric's ability to just drop off to sleep when he's tired!

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