Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting ready to go.

It has already been a very full and productive day.  Aurora had a follow up appointment and ultrasound at 7:30 this morning and she got a clean bill of health on her "female issues."  Now we need to get her going on her CT scan (for the hip pain) and get her set up with physical therapy.  I would have gotten going on this sooner, but Eric has the paperwork in the car still.  That is on tap for Wednesday after I get home I guess.

We then went out for breakfast, something we haven't done for quite awhile, and it was wonderful.  There is something really relaxing sitting across the table from each other, in a setting away from home, sharing a meal and conversation.  We have such good talks when we do this, and it is a time we reconnect with each other.  Sometimes we talk about the kids, sometimes kids are taboo for the length of our meal.  Regardless, it is something we enjoy doing and it is easiest to accomplish when the kids are all at school.  Afterwards, we went to Joann Fabric's were I utilized my extra employee discount (they doubled it for today and tomorrow) to get fabrics to update my professional wardrobe.  I got fabrics for 2 tunics, 2 skirts, a jumper, a pair of fitted slacks, and a 2 piece suit--skirt and jacket.  The fabrics work well together color-wise so they can be mixed and matched some, and they coordinate well with things I already own top and sweater-wise.  Most of the fabrics were on sale 30-40% off in addition to my employee discount, so I did quite well for myself.  Now I just need to get my sewing area up and useable! We also ran onto base and got my med refills picked up, and restocked a couple of necessities, then it was back home (by 1 p.m.) so Eric could lay down.  He got a flu shot earlier this week and now he has some body aches and sniffles/sneezes.  I gave him some benadryl and he crashed out for a few hours this afternoon; he still feels a bit punk now, but he's moving.

While Eric slept I got myself organized and started packing for my trip to MN.  I also sat outside and enjoyed all the planes doing their practice runs for tomorrow's air show.  I may be a geek, but I really get a thrill watching the things they do, and I feel so in awe of their abilities.  The kids got home from school, and are getting ready to head back for the football game.  The band is marching/performing during half-time and they need to be there.  Then tomorrow, Aurora is running cross-country, and Patrick has to help out later in the day at the air show with ROTC.  Not sure what Rei will be doing with his day as yet.  Then Sunday, the kids (Aurora and Patrick) have a parade to march in over in the next town.  I need to be at the airport for 9ish or so as my flight leaves at 10:40 and I have a layover of about an hour in Chicago.  The news pundits are all up in arms because American Airlines are changing some of their flight patterns and there are apparently going to be fewer direct flights anywhere out of St Louis.  Many are quite upset about this.  Personally, I don't care either way, just so I am not changing planes three or four times to go a short distance north.  I have a layover in Chicago on the way back as well.  Not that big a deal, honestly.

Everyone around here is still up in arms about the school bus beating in Belleville that made all the national news.  Our biggest connection to that school is that there are sporting events the kids attend--like cross country or track, or bowling.  The part that is really getting old is that it was African-American boys beating up a Caucasian boy, and it's NOT racially motivated???!!!???  One mother that was interviewed after her son was suspended stated her son was suspended because he was black!  Really!  I think he was suspended because he was engaged in an activity that caused bodily harm to another person, and his color had no bearing on it at all.  Lately race has been an issue over all sorts of stupid stuff that Eric has been dealing with at work, and it's so sad when it becomes an excuse for poor decision making or to get out of things.  I try to look beyond race because when I worked at the treatment center so often race was made into an issue when it really had no bearing on the situation and it confuses me that people use it as they do.  Now I admit, I will make cracks about things happening because I am blonde, but I never mean it seriously, nor do I use my being a woman to justify things either...  I do believe there are situations where race may play a huge role (positively or negatively), and in the case of the young boy being beaten up, I do think race was a factor.  I do not, however, believe race was an issue with the consequences being assessed.  Behaviors were.  That is my opinion, and others are free to disagree with me.

Anyhow, that is what is new in our neck of the woods.  I am eager to be in Minneapolis for a few days and see the family; Justin is so excited I am coming he told me he was gonna pack his stuff too and fly on a big airplane to see me too, and he and Alexis fought over who was going to talk to me first on the phone.  I have spoken to one girlfriend who I am going to meet up with this weekend, and I may see another one too; otherwise I plan to just spend my time with family (the friends are coming to me).  I am bringing my camera with, and good thoughts for baby Alexis for Monday will be greatly appreciated.

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