Sunday, November 15, 2009

Food poisoning sucks!

Let me say, despite what my husband believes, eating left-overs that have been combined into a container is NOT a good idea (unless they are all intended for one meal, eaten within the next day or so).  I used some left over ham that had been stored in a container with the tail end of the rice and green beans from a meal (late last week?) in scrambled eggs yesterday when I got home from work.... and got sicker than a dog last night, starting at the restaurant where we were having dinner celebrating Aurora's 16th birthday.  We took her (at her/the kid's request) to the Hard Rock Cafe over in St. Louis.  The meal(s) were good, albeit expensive, and they did a wonderful job of embarassing the heck out of Aurora.  But my tummy was NOT happy, and I have been up off and on most of the night, with my tummy still reminding me it is on strike today...  Blech! I think if the ham had been in a container by itself all would have been fine (I am leaning towards the straggling green beans as the primary culprit), but regardless... I won't be doing that again! (and I won't be headed into work today either).

On a totally different subject, I am so thrilled I am beside myself!  When I was at the store picking up my old sewing machine, I was talking with the women about how disappointed I was that it was beyond repair, and, as per my husband's instructions, I asked about costs on machines with the features I want, what sorts of financing were available, and so forth.  They pointed out that there were two machines that fit the bill for me, a solid mid-range machine, and an upper mid-range machine (the top of the line was beyond consideration).  Then, they told me they had the upper level machine for sale at a price similar to the mid range one, *IF* I was interested in purchasing one they had used strictly for demos at shows and so forth.  It had all of the parts and warranties intact, because it had never technically been used, and it was in perfect condition, and best of all, would qualify for financing (over 3 years, interest free).  I didn't get my hopes up, but I did call Eric and share with him what I found out after I left the store, and he made me cry.  He said we should get it.  It was a good deal, we could afford the terms, and as far as he was concerned this was a NEED for me and not an extravagant want--that I would use it and get my money's worth out of it (as evidenced by my wearing out my last 2 sewing machines).  So on Friday afternoon we went to the store and we bought it: a Babylock Elegante` 2.  It sews, it embroiders, it does lettering and monograming; it utilizes patterns that can be downloaded for free off the internet (as well as ones that can be purchased per licensing agreements by designers--e.g. disney); it has a full color touch screen, is user friendly, and I am so impressed with what it does (they had one in the shop embroidering a tea towel the first time I was there, an apron the day we bought it); classes to use it are free and repeatable, and they offer full support to all customers.  I had gotten off the phone with Eric on Thursday so thrilled that he "got it" and why having a decent machine is important to me (he worked as hard explaining to me why we should do it as I was working explaining why we shouldn't...) and that meant the world to me.  I didn't need to explain or justify or plead my case--he already knew and was telling me!  He is so amazing!  Sometimes he just blows me away!  We bought it on Friday and I got all emotional in the car driving home.  I am so excited!  It does, however, still sit in it's box in the "sewing room" at the moment because the table it is going to go on needs to be reinforced with better screws (it's really wobbly right now), and we both have homework and other chores that need to be handled before I start playing.  Christmas gifts are gonna be really fun this year though!

Yesterday I had a great time at work teaching 11 brownies (girl scouts to be) how to sew.  They made polar fleece blankets and scarfs, and it was loud, chaotic, giggly, and entertaining.  We accomplished most of our goals--all the sewing got done, although the blankets need to be finished tying and fringed at home; and it was really fun.  The girls all were enthused and excited to be learning a new craft (for a merit badge).  Eric in the meantime took all of our kids bowling, and they overall did really well.  We bought new bowling balls for Aurora for her birthday (and the up-coming high school bowling season) and they should be in soon for her.  We met back up at the house (I got home around 2), and then we went out to eat as a family around 6--so nice to have the kids all home and together for an evening!  Despite my tummy troubles, it was so fun at the restaurant, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. 

I got a good report at my doctor's appointment on Thursday.  My blood work all came back in normal ranges, so my meds will continue as scheduled, and she agreed it was a good idea to add Lexapro back in (along with my Wellbutrin) to manage the increased depression symptoms.  She could see in my old records that I used to take both in the past, and was amenable to making the change.  She also ordered bloodwork for 6 months from now to check for perimenopause, as she (like my mother) wonders if that is an underlying issue for me.  All in all I was very satisfied with the news, and don't need to go back for 6 months again.  Now we just need to get through Rei's follow-up with the cardiologist on the 20th. 

That is the news from around here for this weekend.  It's been fun, active, and sorta exciting. Now today the plan is to stay close by the bathroom, work on homework, and take it easy. Maybe even watch a little football!

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