Friday, November 20, 2009

Swine flu day 3

I am happy to report that today has been a much better day for Rei.  His temp has been down since around 6:30 this morning, his eyes look clearer, and he's had an appetite and energy to move around the house today.  I am so very relieved!  Unfortunately, I have developed a cough and an ache in my chest, and it feels like I have swallowed water or food down the wrong pipe (that'a how it feels to me anyhow).  I have no fever though or body aches or any other symptoms, so I pray it stays that way. I have to work tomorrow from 3-8.  I am unsure what the rest of my schedule looks like but I know for sure I will be on on Friday (Black Friday). 

The girls had a wonderful time at the movie last night, and Aurora survived school on about 2.5-3 hours of sleep.  She has now laid down for a nap.  Her class ring came in today and it is lovely.  Eric brought it home after he paid for it and we gave it to her when she got home from school.  We also have started looking into how many graduation announcements we are going to need to get for Patrick for May.  Not sure yet what his graduation date is--I couldn't find it on the school web-site!  And then there is the homework for Rei...  He has a bunch of it, which I am sure thrills him, even if he is feeling better!

Other than that, we are doing ok.  I have a lot of studying I really need to focus on myself so I have my paper done before the holiday, and I really wish I had more time.  I have not been budgeting it very well the past couple of days with Rei being sick.  (I did, however, read a fascinating book called "The Eight" by Katherine Neville; it was a bit slow to get into as the stage was being set with multiple characters, but once in place, it was wonderful). 

Eric is getting ready for work so I guess I will go--want to spend a few minutes with him before he leaves!

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